OHDC is Recruiting for New Exec Members!

By ohdc
 We are currently recruiting for two openings on our Executive Team this season!
Below are the positions that are available and a short description of each. More information on each position is also available in our constitution, which you can view at the bottom of the “About” page. If you’re interested in applying, please send us your resume and a short blurb explaining why you are interested in being on exec and why you’d make a good candidate.  Being on exec is an amazing opportunity and a great way to get experience with working on a professional dance production. APPLICATIONS WILL BE DUE ON OCTOBER 15th!
Administrative Director:  Is the first point of contact/ liaison  between the OHDC exec and company members and outside parties.   Responsible for sending e-mail communications to members, organizing exec meetings and taking notes, booking rehearsal space, checking  and replying to emails, submitting applications to renew club recognition status and office space.

Production Manager: Finding and booking the theatre venue, responsible for finding and recruiting technical staff (stage manager, assistant stage manager, lighting designer). Managing contact with the theatre, directing the technical and production crew (e.g. stage manager, lighting, sound, photography, etc.), creating production week schedules.

***We will also be needing a Selection Committee, a group of people that are interested in interviewing and choosing next year’s exec. You will be responsible for sitting in on candidates’ interview, asking them questions and helping to choose the best candidate for the position. If you’re interested in this, please send us an e-mail***


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